It's time for layered clothing!

How to keep a fashion style and wear multiple layers of clothing at the same time? Simply! This year you don’t even need to pay attention to the materials. Just watch the colors you combine (although that’s not mandatory either!). Since the fashion trends have moved in a direction that supports comfort, you just need to make sure that the garments you combine are warm. Which is the main task of dressing in multiple layers.

In our wholesale women's clothing you'll be able to find all you need for that!

The easiest way to experiment with layers is with the wholesale boutique clothing. Of course, you have to choose more top pieces, then you'll be able to do it differently - instead of a sweater in the third layer, you can put a dress. A great choice is a lace dress! Extend the layer to the bottom and avoid wearing pants. Or you can choose another, more creative way. First, wear leggings and add shorts or a short skirt to it. And don't forget to add socks, they can be knee-length!

Again - no limits - the layering is infinite!