It's cold outside – you need a new thick jacket!

One of the most important fashion things of the year is buying clothes for colder days - jackets, coats, cardigans - you can't do without them in the winter!

Usually, this period begins when the weather gets colder, when it starts to rain and when long sleeves start to be worn under a leather jacket. One more tip: Leather jacket are MUST HAVE all year long! But in the cold days it becomes insufficient. The key thing is that when we start wearing jackets, we have to choose the one well adore all winter. What do you say on a parka? Some of the best parkas are hidden in our wholesale jackets offer.

And if you like wearing elegant coats, this time you don't have to be afraid that you'll be cold, because we have thick elegant coats. But here’s the main question - what kind of jackets will be IN this season?

For those who swear by relaxation and a youthful look, there are short and long jackets – with inevitable fur details!

Since there are plenty of wholesale clothing vendors – we tried to include in our offer the most wanted winter pieces – so it doesn’t matter what you choose, they are all listed on this season’s list of most popular items.